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 The Site Rules

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The Site Rules Empty
PostSubject: The Site Rules   The Site Rules Pokeball_smallMon Jul 13, 2015 4:12 am

The Site Rules Rules_zps1559bc65
1. Please do not post or discuss any illegal activity or threats of violence. Discussion of illegal drugs is allowed as long as it is for a medical purpose.


2. Do not post any sort of topic that attacks, insults, flames, defames, or anything that abuses other members. Respect everyone's opinions due to the fact that every user is  entitled to one.


3. Do not advertise, post advertising links, or spam. Posting spam or advertising is defined as posting a link to assist in the purpose of selling, soliciting, or promoting something. Sharing links of helpful or relevant sites and resources is allowed as long as they are not used for promotional reasons.


4. You are not under any circumstance to threaten another members' personal property, family, or life. This would include disclosing personal information when a member does not wish for it to be given out, such as names, IP Addresses, home addresses, phone numbers, ect. Committing and threatening these actions under any means of contact is unacceptable and in most cases illegal. 


5. Do not spam. This includes posting in or creating topics to increase ones post count, posting multiple times about the same thing, or posting in languages other than English without translating afterwards.


6. Please refrain from posting messages in all capital letters. It is entirely unnecessary and fairly irritating to those reading your post.


7. Do not post copyrighted material.


8. Do not disrespect other Members or Staff


9. Please try not to post threads in the wrong section of the forum.


10. Do not ask or beg for something outside of its respective forum section.


11. Do not use explicit, racist, obscene, or vulgar language, images, or messages.


12. Do not impersonate the Moderators or Admins.


13. Do not try to evade a ban by creating an alternate account.



Please report any posts or topics that violate any of the previously stated thirteen rules by selecting the The Site Rules Icon_post_report located at the top right hand corner of the offending post or topic.


Some rules may not be enforced unless a member reports the post or topic. If at any time you feel that a poster has broken a rule, please report it. Ban lengths are the default suggested length, however enforcement will be subject to Mods or Admins and is subject to be lengthened or shortened depending on how severely the rule/rules were broken. If a minor rule was broken, punishments may be bypassed if a Admin consents, in which case it must be noted wherever posted.





To prevent the clutter of topics, please double check to see if there is an existing topic for what you want to post before you post a topic.


Make sure to keep what you post family friendly. If you feel it shouldn't be viewed by minors, please refrain from posting it in the forums or chat rooms.


Use topic titles that tell other users what your topic is about. Try to avoid the generic titles, like "Help" or "Question". Users will be more likely to respond to your posts if you use descriptive topic titles.


Our forums and chat rooms are moderated by volunteers.  They may not always have the answers to the questions you are asking, but they are here to help as best as they can. An indicator to who in a Moderator can be found in their profiles or by the little gold crowns by their names in the chat rooms.


The Moderators and Admins hold the right to edit and delete any members post without notice that the topic or post violates the given rules above. If at any time you would like to ask a Moderator about a decision they made, you may send them a PM (Private Message) in both the chat or from the forum and discuss it with them in private. They may not look at it in the same way you do, but are open and approachable.


The Admins and Moderators of Pokemon Circle will try to keep all of the offensive messages off the forum, although it will be impossible for us to review them all.


All the messages on our forums express the views of the author and neither the Admins nor the Moderators are responsible for the content of any message. The Moderators and Admins of Pokemon Circle reserve the right to remove, edit, move, or close an topic for any just reason.



Name and Title Policies-


Names cannot be the same as another member's for any reason


No member's name can be similar or the same as any Moderator's or Admin's


Names cannot have misleading prefixes or suffixes such as [Admin], [Mod], ect.


Names and titles cannot for any reason hold profanity or anything offensive to other users.



Rules, Guidelines, and Name and Title Policies are subject to change at any time the Admins feel needed. Please make sure to re-read them regularly to keep from accidentally breaking a rule.
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The Site Rules
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